Business Assurance Services in Victoria, BC

Our assurance and advisory services help our clients manage risk so they can focus on their core businesses. Finances, the law and the way they interact can be intensely complex. It takes professional analysis and insight to plan the next steps for growth. Our advisors apply expertise and data-driven insight to help you make confident decisions.

By intimately understanding each client’s business, we use our management assurance services to convert the information we uncover into insights. Whether you’re preparing for an audit or reviewing your operations to find room for improvement, we’ll help you find the hidden opportunities that offer the best rewards.

When we’ve revealed insights, we’ll communicate them to you in clear and actionable ways that you can easily convert into compelling information for your partners, clients or investors.

We want you to have the information and crucial certainty you need to move forward to new horizons. We hope you’ll take the next step with Schell & Associates, and it starts with a simple consultation.

Schedule an Assurance and Advisory Services Consultation

Our professional advisors are here and ready to help you with your assurance needs. Please contact us about any of these commonly requested needs:

  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Each client has different needs, so customized plans are part our services. If you have special needs or requests, please let us know what they are. Our professionals will do what they can to help.

Common Questions about Assurance

How can your assurance services help my business?
Our partners use experience and in-depth research to help you understand the possible outcomes of any strategy. If you want to change the direction of your business—perhaps to introduce a new class of product or enter a new international market—we can produce the data you need to make an informed decision. Our reports are delivered to your custom needs, so that you can use our insights privately or to defend your plans in front of an audience.

What types of businesses can you provide assurance for?
Our assurance services are available for businesses of all sizes. We have helped small businesses, as well as large businesses and enterprises better understand how different plans would affect their bottom lines. We offer flexible services to fit your needs, and can assist whole businesses or smaller departments within them. Please call if you have any questions about how we can assist you.

What types of deliverables do you provide?
The documentation that we provide for you can be delivered based on the custom needs of your decision. We may provide different types of research for different projects. Please ask us about any special requests.