An Accounting Firm for Small Businesses & Individuals

Computerized Bookkeeping, by Schell & Associates, will allow you to concentrate on what you do best—your business. Let us do what we do best. Just bring in your check stubs, deposits and bank statements, and we will provide you with a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

We will customize the Chart of Accounts to fit your needs, and design statements that provide you with the information you need to make profitable decisions for your company or personal finances.

We can help you set up your computer so you can do this in-house, and even train you and/or your staff so that you can keep your costs down and have the information available at all times. Then, we can double check the work to ensure accuracy, providing any further training and assistance.

Our main objective is to ensure that you have a clean electronic summary of information to complete your return in a timely manner and with the least amount of professional cost.

Our philosophy is to provide enterprises as well as individuals with financial and business management solutions that respect all critical business and personal needs without distracting you with steep learning curves.

Common Questions about Accounting

What types of accounting services do you provide?
We provide a full range of accounting services for individuals, family estates and businesses. In addition to profit/loss accounting, we can provide you with strategy, assurance, and consulting services that will help you make better decisions about your finances. Business accounting services are available for businesses of all sizes.

How do you deliver your results?
For each client, we create a custom Chart of Accounts that is designed to fit your specific needs. This information will be structured in a way that’s easy to understand so that you can use it to make good decisions for your future.

Can you handle the needs of large enterprises?
Yes, we can provide accounting services at a large scale to serve the needs of our enterprise clients. Particularly where enterprises are involved, special circumstances and custom processes may be necessary. We can create a custom accounting plan to match those challenges.