Hire an Accountant to Handle Missed Tax Deadlines


The deadline for your final tax return has come and gone. What a relief! Although you may think you are safe for the time being, you never know when you are going to once again need the help of your accountant. In other words, just because the tax deadline has come and gone does not mean you are in the clear for another year.

Did you File on Time?

It goes without saying that you need to file your final tax return on time. If you don’t, you could get in hot water with the IRS or CRA. However, millions of people miss this deadline every year.

If you are late, it is essential that you get with your accountant as soon as possible to file your final return. The longer you wait the more penalties and interest you will incur.

Audit Assistance

The only thing worse than paying taxes and filing a final return is dealing with an audit. In short, this means that the tax agency in your country wants to discuss your return.

This is where your accountant can really save the day. They can help you understand any notice that you receive, while also providing you assistance on how to best move forward.

Since your accountant was the one who completed your final return, he or she should know how to deal with a follow-up audit.

When you have Questions

Some people only want to speak with their accountant one time per year. This may be a possibility in the perfect world. That being said, it is not always the best idea to wait.

If you have any type of question or if your situation has changed – such as getting married or having a child –contact your accountant to learn more about how you will be impacted.

The deadline for filing your tax return may have passed, but this does not necessarily mean you should say goodbye to your accountant for another year.

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