American Tax Services

Let us deal with the IRS. Here at Schell & Associates, we provide a range of helpful U.S. tax services to individuals and businesses in Canada.

American Tax Services for Businesses & Contractors

We have been offering American tax services for many years. Experience with the IRS and with the situations of Canadians who need these special services has given us a lot of expertise when it comes to navigating the most complicated tax problems. You can trust our experienced staff to create complete, thorough and well-ordered filings.

Many Canadian businesses operate or distribute in the U.S., and this can mean complicated U.S. tax liabilities. The same is true for Canadians who are crossing the border to serve as contractors or perform short-term contracts in the U.S. No matter how complicated your relationship with the US market, we can help you understand what you owe, and how to keep your liability as low as possible.

Our certified and experienced staff will be as effective as a U.S. team at finding the appropriate deductions and refunds for your personal or business taxes.

American Expat Tax Services

We also offer US tax return preparation services for Americans who are staying in Canada. Unlike some countries in the world, the U.S. taxes money that is earned by expats living in other countries. Canada is no exception, and any money earned here will typically have to be reported to and taxed by the Internal Revenue Service.  We can handle typical needs and special situations including

  •      Personal income taxes
  •      1040 contractor filings
  •      Quarterly taxes
  •      Reporting multiple income streams

The American tax code isn’t that simple for citizens living at home, but it can be even more complicated when you’re an expat. Let our team handle the differences in law and help you understand what you owe to each government and what deductions might be available to reduce your total liability.

Schedule a Consultation

Receive expert tax assistance as soon as possible when you contact Schell & Associates for a consultation. In addition to personal taxes, we can help you with any tax liabilities you may owe as a Canadian business operating in the U.S. for the first time. We can help you plan an expansion to the U.S. by helping you understand how such a move would affect your company and tax burden.

Our staff are experts when it comes to American tax law, and can help you with many other questions and financial issues than just those listed here. Please call to schedule an appointment to get the answers you need.

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